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flickr-6888667137.jpg Buffalo CalfThumbnails2012-02-15_16-27-18_669Buffalo CalfThumbnails2012-02-15_16-27-18_669Buffalo CalfThumbnails2012-02-15_16-27-18_669Buffalo CalfThumbnails2012-02-15_16-27-18_669

A discussion of Syncleus technologies using Google+ Hangouts. The talk was open to the public and all were welcome to participate.

Here is a list of the links/document presented during this forum:

This hangout is recorded
------------------------ - My Companies G+ page - My personal G+ page - Business oriented company page - Technology oriented company page - One of our packaged products, and Inference Engine. - Some screenshots of the AIDE product. - Hyperassociative Map Algorithm (Graph Theory - Graph Drawing that we invvented) - Genetic Wavelets (Evolutionary Algorithm we invented) - Data Interrelational Graph (Graph Theory algorithm we invented).

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