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This is a charted version of a shot i did, the uncharted version is posted here: Orion Nebula Core - Uncharted for comparison, also check out this detailed chart of all the stars: Orion Nebula - Charted. Basically i overlaid all the major stars in the vicinity so you can see the names.s You need to look at it full size though to read the labels. Ill also post below the description from the original:

This is my very first non-moon space shot. I hope you all enjoy it and comment!

This is a shot of the Orion Nebula (NGC 1976 / The Great Nebula in Orion / M42) taken on November 12th 2010. This shot also includes a faint wisp of De Mairan's Nebula (NGC 1982 / M43). The shot was taken with an EQ-6 Mount, no Autoguider, and an 800mm focal length, 8" Aperture f/4 Newtonian Telescope using my Canon Rebel T1i as an imager. I used a 3x barlow without an eyepiece. The majority of the shot is the result of 6 stacked 30 second 3200 ISO shots. A stack of 15 additional shots were used on the Trapezium star cluster in the center. This shot was also post-processed to improve contrast and light levels. The primary goal was to show the detail of the inner core of the Orion Nebula.

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